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NZ Enviro Composting Toilet Systems


Completely NZ made using polyethylene plastic in a rotational moulding process, this material provides a long lasting, Eco-friendly, sturdy composting option.

How Enviro Toilets work

There are two types of Enviro Toilet – AquaTuti (low flush) and Farmstyle (waterless) They both use the same bio-chamber and Grey Water systems.

The superior performance of Enviro Toilets is the Swedish patent to separate urine from faeces. Urine is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and bacteria free. Enviro Toilets collects this perfect fertiliser separately in a dark and cool tank for later use in the garden.

The solids fall into a bio-chamber for decomposition into an organic compost. The decomposition is a natural process using air, natural heat, micro-organisms and earth worms. Ventilation insures a constant air flow. The four chamber bin reduces the solids to just 5 % of their volume so the clean humus needs to be removed only once a year.

There is no smell. No chemicals. Low maintenance.

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Main Office: 021-246-1724

International: +64  27 525-9840


Facebook: @envirosystems

Auckland City Council Waste treatment.

Address:  24a Ferguson Place, Fairy Springs, Rotorua 3010

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We are a safe, environmentally friendly option for all beach houses, camping grounds, forestry and back country huts. Waterless and Low flush options available.