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These apply to both Aquatuti and Farmstyle models.

Treatment of Discharge


Adding the Enviro Toilet system to your house/batch or hut enables you to meet various discharge requirements.   Because the facility is simple and sturdy you can manage everything easily yourself.  The Enviro Toilet system replaces the need for a grey-water tank by composting naturally.  Water is then flushed to an approved infiltration multi-chamber tank where it is mixed with other grey water and then purified in an approved infiltration leach field.  Sewer system maintenance is drastically reduced allowing the home owner to practice a natural composting cycle.


Rotorua District Council E-coli Test

Due to council regulation we have had samples of un-treated and treated effluent tested by the Rotorua lakes sewerage treatment laboratory.

As of the 12th of July the untreated sample reached 260,000 PPM (parts per million).

The treated sample then reached 110,000 PPM

Second test

Now only a month later, we have managed to reduce it to a mere 10000 PPM

This means our Enviro Composting Toilet is the best sewage treatment. Check out our results in the link below.

Graph of lab results from RLDC

Graph of second lab results from RLDC



Enviro Toilet is made from recyclable polyethylene plastic and stainless steel for the Inner frame.



Since everything is made out of plastic; the estimated life span of the Bio Chamber is at least 50 years.



When the Enviro Toilet system is installed it requires minimal maintenance, keep in mind however, that you take a look on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the model.

Multiple users have a history of trouble free operation and excellent composting using the Enviro Systems.  We calculated the time between emptying to be around: 12/24 months.

Replacing the UV lamp after 1 year if it is switched on all of the time.



None; unless using a UV unit. In which it will required to be plugged into a 230v power source. Currently researching a solar option valuing at ~$1150


Nitrate Filter

Inlet and outlet 50mm diameter.  Height of inlet/outlet centre: 225mm


Starting with the unique Swedish design liquid separator composting toilet design with over 40 years constant use.

Apart from the unique separator it’s self the rest of the system is made in NZ from recyclable polyethylene and stainless steel, guaranteeing years of trouble free use with very little maintenance.

The urine and flush water from the  Aquatuti and just the urine from the Farmstyle/ back country systems flow past a UV light, 230v or solar powered options available, to destroy pathogens and other undesirable bugs.

It then flows through a Nitrate filter then mixes with the grey water from the rest of the house on into a grey water filter system on out through another inline UV filter to it’s final destination  as treated effluent in a soak-age hole or leach field.

For the people who really care about their family’s health and the health of the environment the Enviro composting toilet system is the best option available. a proven method getting far better results then from traditional septic tanks.

You can use the full system as described above or there are other options available such as using our Bio-filter chamber which biologically deals with bugs associated with sewerage.

Remember you are only dealing with urine and flush water, the solids and faeces are composting away in the rotating compost chamber with the help of some hungry worms.

For a price that is less than the cost of fitting a septic tank system with far better results and a better cleaner world contact us for more information

All results are from tests carried out by Rotorua Lakes Council Environmental Laboratory here in Rotorua,NZ and comply or better standards set out by the New Zealand and Australian industries.


Bartercard Help.

If need be all our plastic parts including the bio chamber, inner chamber bins and the like can be organised with bartercard.

This does not include the items such as: Steel frame, UV Light, Nitrate, plumbing pipes and connectors.

We are a safe, environmentally friendly option for all beach houses, camping grounds, forestry and back country huts. Waterless and Low flush options available.