Farmstyle/Back country Enviro Composting Toilet

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Farmstyle/Back Country Enviro Composting Toilet.

Farmstyle is a waterless toilet with urine separation designed for permanent self contained living.

There can only be one toilet pan for each bio-chamber.

Developed from the original Clivus Multrum toilet (1938) and is far superior to Clivus Multrum’s sold today.

The Farmstyle uses the same cylindrical bio-chamber as a Low Flush Ecotoilet. The four chamber composter has access to the humus from the top and is very efficient.

It’s small size also makes for easy installation.

How it works

Image of the throne and the Bio Chmaber that we supply with every Enviro composting toilet system.
Image of the throne and the Bio Chamber that we supply with every Enviro composting toilet system.

The throne we supply with this toilet system has a special urine diverter, this stops liquid from entering the main bio chamber.

Where as the solid waste will fall down the center chute into 1 of  the 4 composting bins. Also shows the small urine diverter that feeds directly into either the UV and phosphorus filter or into the Bio Filter, both optional extras.

The inside of the throne, showing the Urine diverter.
The inside of the throne, showing the Urine diverter.

Any small amounts of liquid that happens to go into the bio chamber will fall through some small holes to then be drained away to the filters.

The solid waste will fall down through the center of the chute into 1 of the 4 individual chambers.

Inside of each of the 4 bins will be an equal amount of worms and bark or mulch, all purchase able at any Bunning’s store. The worms don’t like large amounts of water, so DO NOT tip any liquid down the drain, small amounts that don’t go into the urine diverter wont hurt the worms as the drainage holes will allow small amounts to escape and join the filtration process.

2 empty bins with drainage holes, affixed to rotating framwork.
2 empty bins where the worms live with drainage holes, affixed to rotating framework.

the worms digest the solid waste including toilet paper. but nothing else solid is to enter the chamber.

The beauty of our system is that once installed properly there should be no need for emptying at all, Though you will need to rotate the internal bins once every 3-4 months.

As with any Enviro composting toilet, DO NOT put in any of the following: Feminine Products, Condoms, non bio-degradable items. under no circumstances can any cleaning fluids such as bleach enter the bins as it will kill the worms.

If you are going away or maybe just not using the toilet a lot it is recommended that you put small amounts of left over leafy foods or grass clippings NOT meat for the worms to eat. Also it’s best to not put fruit in the bins either as fruit-fly’s can flourish in the environment.

The Farmstyle waterless composting toilet is amazing due to it not needing running water or any electricity to deal with your waste. Also if combined with the Bio Filter grey water system you will be getting the best composting solution in the wider pacific area.


We are a safe, environmentally friendly option for all beach houses, camping grounds, forestry and back country huts. Waterless and Low flush options available.