Aquatron Composting Toilet System

The Aquatron composting toilet system uses the best Swedish technology combined with the highest quality in New Zealand manufacturing to deliver a rugged, reliable and eco-friendly composting toilet that uses a flush toilet.

Why Choose the Aquatron Composting Toilet System?

The Aquatron Separator technology uses the momentum of the flushing water, centrifugal force, and gravity to separate liquids from solid waste in the toilet flush water. There are no moving parts, no chemicals, and no electricity in the separation process.

The Aquatron Separator is combined with the Bio Chamber to achieve the performance and hygiene of a flush toilet system – with the ecological and environmental characteristics of a composting toilet system.


Easy composting

The Bio Chamber composts solids down to just 5% of their original volume. The composted material only needs to be removed once a year. 


No smells, no chemicals, no power needed

There are no smells, no chemicals, and the Aquatron system utilizes the toilet flush and then gravity to work effectively. No fan is necessary.


Customisable to your needs

Multiple toilets can be installed above one bio-chamber.


The best of both worlds

The unique Aquatron Separator means you can have a flush toilet that is still a composting toilet.


Low, easy maintenance

The Bio Chamber means no lugging around heavy, smelly containers. You only deal with composted materials.


Highest quality standards

The best of Swedish and New Zealand manufacturing ensures a durable and reliable system.

How the Aquatron Composting Toilet System Works

The Aquatron composting toilet system is used in combination with a conventional household toilet pan, preferably a low-flush (6-litre max.) and with a P-trap (a type of plumbing pipe).

We use a genuine Aquatron Separator made in Sweden and imported exclusively by us. In this unique, patented centrifugal separator, the solids (poop and toilet paper) drop down into the NZ-made Bio Chamber where the composting occurs, while the liquids are diverted to either a soakage field or join the grey water for further treatment.

The Bio Chamber has four rotating bins. When the first bin is full of solids the handle is turned so the second bin receives the solids. By the time the first bin is back beneath the separator and receiving solids again, the solids have composted down to just 5% of their original volume, with the help of compost worms.

The composted material only needs to be removed once a year at most – depending on climate and usage.

Patented Aquatron Separator

The Swedish Aquatron separator receives the waste from the toilet(s) inside the house.

Once the liquids and solids (poop and toilet paper) are separated, the solids fall into the Bio Chamber where the composting process begins.

Aquatron Separator shown sitting on top of the Bio Chamber.

Innovative Waste Separation Technology

View showing the centre of the Separator leading into the Bio Chamber, where the solid waste will go.

Highly Efficient Bio Chamber

The Tuff Bio Chamber uses bacteria and, if desired, worms to efficiently decompose the solid waste.

When worms are used, the Bio Chamber can reduce the volume of solid waste by up to 95% – making the removal of decomposed material a very minimal effort.

Aquatron Separator shown sitting in place on top of the Bio Chamber, showing 1 of 4 internal rotating bins.

Aquatron Separator with Tuff Bio Chamber

The innovative waste separator sits on top of the NZ-made Tuff Bio Chamber.

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